• 12th Apr 2019
  • 2:00pm
  • £10.00

about this event

One night tiny Tom overhears Mum and Dad talking – there's nothing left to eat so they are going to leave him and his six brothers in the forest! 

Outwitting his parents and the ogre Tom shows everybody that even though he is small he is still mighty as he protects his brothers, finds the treasure and makes sure they'll never be hungry again.

Performed entirely on and under a kitchen table this wee wonder of a show is full of Lyngo magic with feathery spinning birds, a flying house and a portable forest. Adam Jessop brings this classic story to life in a playful and fascinating show.

"Hands down, Lyngo Theatre’s production of Tom Thumb is the best piece of children’s theatre I have seen to date. Aimed at children aged 3+, Tom Thumb is beautifully visual, with use of handmade props and set." – Grace McNicholas (Number 9)

Ages 3+

Approx 45 mins


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