• 6th Jun 2020
  • 7:30pm
  • £14.00

about this event

From Sam Willis, presenter of the BBC's The Silk Road and Invasion! and Professor James Daybell comes an exciting new history show that will change the way that you think about the past…and the present.

Based on their chart topping podcast, Histories of the Unexpected LIVE demonstrates how everything has a history, even the most unexpected of subjects, and how those subjects link together in unexpected ways.

What links together the Titanic, Pompeii, Neolithic cave painting, Victorian perfumes, electrical experiments on the human face, Charles I, Mary Queen of Scots, scalping, Elizabeth I, Nelson, Henry VIII, Proust, Hiroshima, the Duke of Wellington, slavery, scarification, Glaswegian gangs, Darwin, Shakespeare, mutiny, chimneys, a skull, a seventeenth century map of the world, shoes and gloves?


‘History As You’ve Never Seen it Before’   Dan Snow

‘Its the new Horrible Histories!’ BBC Radio Devon

‘It’s Genius…’   Paul Ross, Talk Radio



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