• 4th Apr 2020
  • 2:00pm
  • £10.00

about this event

Every day, from here to there funny things are everywhere’ Dr Seuss

Meet a family of zany Eggs on Legs, living in a lost pocket of the globe. One day the wind blows a huge egg into their tree and they are excited to play with it. But what happens if it hatches and can they protect it from the slithery snake?

Garlic Theatre conjure a poetic, Dr Seuss world full of eggcentric puppets and music to make you roll around with laughter.

A cracking family show bursting with wonder and surprise – you will never look at an egg in the same way again.


For Ages 3-8

Run Time: 46 mins


In a wondrous land over the sea

I found some eggs with legs like me

One day a huge egg landed in their tree

Will it hatch out and what will it be?

It is a strange egg like no other

Can they care for it and where is it's mother?


Devised and designed by the Company

Performer Mark Pitman

Direction Steve Tiplady

Puppetry direction Liz Walker

Music Iklooshar Malara



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